These days, there’s a lot that we do at home. Many of us work from home, our children participate in online learning, we cook, we spend time together, and we sleep — all from the comfort of our Myrtle Beach homes. This is why indoor air quality is so important. Since we’re spending significant time in an enclosed space, it’s essential to ensure that air is being circulated, filtered, and cleaned so that our homes continue to be a comfortable environment.

At TNT Heating & Air, we offer indoor air quality testing and a variety of solutions to help keep your home’s air quality healthy. Learn more about the benefits of having better indoor air quality, and reach out to our team today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

Breathe Easier

While this is probably the most obvious benefit of having better air quality in your home, it’s still worth mentioning. While breathing is an automatic and involuntary process, it can become difficult quickly when the air quality you’re breathing is low. This can cause you to get winded easily when going up and down stairs or doing chores, and it can lower your immune system. By investing in HVAC equipment that’s designed to improve indoor air quality, you’re reducing stress on your heart and lungs, which allows you to breathe easier.

Sleep Better

Since healthier air quality allows you to breathe easier, it eliminates stress on your body to function properly. This includes your ability to sleep well. You probably know this already, but stress can cause a variety of issues. From trouble focusing at work to restless nights trying to fall asleep, stress hurts your body in a lot of ways. By improving the air quality of your home, you’re eliminating some of the physical stress on your body, which can help you wind down easier at the end of the day and get a better night’s sleep.

Eliminate Allergens

Itchy eyes, a sore throat, and a runny nose are just a few symptoms of allergies. Even though your home is closed system, the allergens that cause these reactions can still get inside and build up over time. The most common allergens in your home are dust, animal dander, mold spores, and pollen.

With proper ventilation, air filtration, and even UV lights, allergens are easy to keep under wraps so that you don’t experience the uncomfortable symptoms that they can cause.

Reduce Odors

Whether you’re cooking with grease or the dog just got done playing in the rain, common household odors don’t take long to spread and make breathing uncomfortable. Even after the cooking is finished and the dog has been given a bath, these odors can still linger. By investing in your home’s air quality, you can make sure these odors dissipate quickly. Fans and ventilation systems can quickly pull these unsavory odors from your home so you can get back to enjoying a fresher scent.

Balance Humidity

The level of moisture in the air directly affects its quality. Air conditioning, ventilation, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers all affect the humidity of your home. With too much moisture in the air, it can feel stuffy and make breathing feel heavier. It also encourages mold growth, which can cause odors and allergic reactions.

On the other hand, air quality that’s too dry can dry out your sinuses and skin, leaving you feeling itchy and with a sore throat. With the right HVAC equipment, though, your home will be a balanced humidity of about 45%.

Reduce Utility Costs

Better indoor air quality doesn’t just reduce stress on your body — it also reduces stress on your HVAC system. By improving airflow and installing proper ventilation, your heating and cooling system has an easier time functioning and regulating your home’s climate. This means reduced energy bills because your HVAC system is able to work more efficiently.

Schedule Indoor Air Quality Testing

At TNT Heating & Air, we’re dedicated to Myrtle Beach residents and the surrounding area to ensure that their homes are more comfortable. If you suspect your indoor air quality is suffering, schedule a test with us and we can help you find a solution that will have you breathing easier.